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Today’s global market demands that your business operates more efficiently than ever. Today’s globally aligned regulatory requirements demand that your business operates more compliantly than ever. To survive and thrive in today’s global environment it is critical to your business that you are able to successfully merge business systems savvy together with in-depth regulatory compliance understanding in order to design and implement an effective quality management system in today’s global healthcare and life sciences regulated industries.

Catherine OAKES

Managing Director

Passionate. Innovative. Driven.
At Oakes Group Global, we believe that our client’s success determines our own.
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"Luck" is not a strategy nor is it a suitable contingency plan!
Do you have a consistent, structured, reliable approach to quality risk management, or are you just"quessing" and keeping your fingers crossed.
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Need help getting Quality, Compliance or Regulatory projects completed?
Whether you need a few hours, a week, ore someone dedicated and on-site, we can help.
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